Stone & Grove Olive Leaf Tea

Stone & Grove Olive Leaf Tea

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Stone & Grove olive leaf teas are made using the finest-fresh olive leafs, sourced from groves in Northwest Victoria, Australia. Produced seasonally using a traditional Japanese process, these olive leaf teas are packed with antioxidants and made to be enjoyed pure or with handcrafted, and refreshingly delicious, wellness blends.

Available Teas:

  • Olive Leaf: Made using fresh, estate grown olive leaves

  • Olive Leaf & Green Sencha: Same amazing olive leaves blended with an Australian green tea sencha

  • Energy: Blended with Siberian ginseng, yerba mate (contains caffeine), orange peel and hibiscus

  • Immunity: Blended with echinacea root, ginger, liquorice root and lemon leaves

  • Detox: Blended with nettle, lemon and calendula

  • Women’s Health: Blended with nettle, chamomile and red rose

Tasting Notes:

Olive Leaf: Bright green. Richly herbaceous. Perfectly balanced

Olive Leaf & Green Tea: Vibrant. Warming hug. Perfectly balanced. Refreshing finish.

Energy: Herbal uplift. Fruity tang. Hibiscus red in color. Hot or chilled

Immunity: Herbal. Refreshingly fresh. Hot or chilled. Balanced finish

Detox: Distinctly citrus. Smooth and easy. Hot or chilled. Refreshing finish.

Women’s Health: Smooth. Subtle rose petal and floral flavors. Hot or chilled.