Griller's Pack - 6 Bottle Gift Set

Griller's Pack - 6 Bottle Gift Set

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Our Griller's Pack includes 6 oils and vinegar perfect for all your grilling needs.  This kit includes:

  • Olive Wood Smoked EVOO - This smoked olive oil is a must have for BBQ sauces, marinades, crock pot cooking and roasted vegetables. It adds wood smoked flavor to gas grill cooking, and can give you bragging rights when you add to deviled eggs and potato salad. Try it on trout, halibut, or shrimp for a light wood fired flavor, then soak your baby backs in this oil paired with your favorite brewski and pappy's secret spice blend for out of this world ribs.

  • Baklouti Green Chili EVOO - Spicy and slightly smoky, this chili oil will add serious bite to your backyard grill. I absolutely adore this oil on roasted corn on the cob, brushed on bacon wrapped shrimp, and in skirt steak/fajita marinades. Add to salsa, guacamole, chutneys and drizzled over vegetables for added kick and interest.

  • Wild Mushroom & Sage EVOO - Earthy, herbaceous and rich. I love this oil added to stuffing recipes, on poultry of all kinds, in potato dishes, rice, on roasted asparagus or steamed green beans. Try in feta/gruyere cheese stuffed elk, bison or beef burgers served on a brioche bun. How about in a cream sauce, gravy, casserole or aioli? the possibilities are endless!

  • Serrano Honey Vinegar - Spicy, sweet and complex, this vinegar makes a great addition to seafood, ceviches, salsas, sauces and more.

  • Espresso Balsamic - Coffee anyone? If you have not tried a coffee rub on your beef and lamb dishes, you don't know what you are missing. An amazing flavor combinations happens when the rich roasted espresso flavor mixes with the meat and juices from fatty cuts of beef like ribeyes, burgers and brisket. Drizzle it over meat (or portobello mushrooms) prior to grilling or create a marinade with one of our olive oils for tender, melt in your mouth flavor. If grilling with coffee isn't your thing, then try this drizzled over ice cream or added to your favorite brownie recipe.

  • Neapolitan Herb Balsamic - Reminiscent of worchestershire sauce blended with fresh herbs, this balsamic makes an amazing marinade for your favorite meats. Add to burgers, ribs, mushrooms, steaks, smoked meats and more for tons of flavor and moisture. Try drizzled over roasted vegetables or added to your favorite homemade salad dressings.