L'Epicurien Specialties - Confits & Preserves

L'Epicurien Specialties - Confits & Preserves

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L’Epicurien is a company founded by a Master Jam Maker and that has, for more than 30 years, been making wonderful jams and much more…

The story of L’Epicurien dates back to 1982 when Bernard Le Gulvout revived a delicatessen in Saint-Mandé under the name L’Epicurien, with the ambition of being an "Artisan du goût"- Artisan of taste - for his customers.
In the mid 1990s, he settled down in a fruit production region, the Languedoc-Roussillon, to lead the development of his company.

He was joined by his two nephews, Xavier in the early 2000s and Benoit in 2012. L’Epicurien, an artisan family company, is equipped with modern handcraft production facilities that enable it to meet the quality and traceability of today’s requirements while preserving its authentic soul.

4 Flavors Available!

White Wine and Williams Pear Confit

Ideal for Roquefort or blue-veined cheese.

The sweetness of Williams pear with white wine to go with the star of strong sheep cheeses : the Roquefort. A passionate marriage.

White wine from Pays d'Oc 26%, fruit sugar, Williams pear 23%, cane sugar, jelling agent: fruit pectin, calcium citrate, tartaric acid.

Black Cherry Confit

Ideal for sheep cheese.

The power of cherry with the sturdiness of sheep cheese, whether they are from Basque Country, Spain or Corsica. A great classic.

Black cherries 47%, fruit sugars, cane sugar, white wine from Pays d'Oc, concentrated lemon juice, jelling agent: fruit pectin.

Fig and Walnuts Confit

Ideal for goat cheese.

The other great classic when talking about the combination of cheese and jam: fig with goat cheeses and also Maroilles and blue-veined cheeses. It’s up to you to test and approve the most daring combinations.

Figs 50.5%, fruit sugars, cane sugar, white wine from Pays d'Oc, walnuts 1.7%, jelling agent: fruit pectin, concentrated lemon juice.

Cider, Apple and Calvados Confit

Ideal for Camembert or Pont l’Evêque.

A perfect match for aged Camembert, mature Livarot and vintage Pont l’Evêque. This product lets the apple – in its ultimate form – declare its undying love to these Norman cheeses.

Cider 26%, fruit sugars, cane sugar, apples 19%, Calvados 2%, jelling agents: fruit pectin, calcium citrate, concentrated lemon juice.