Organic Chetoui EVOO

Organic Chetoui EVOO

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*Crush Date: November 2017

Robust Intensity


This is our highest phenol olive oil to date! The extraordinarily Robust, high phenol Organic Chetoui displays Tuscan style characteristics, a grassy aroma coupled with unique tasting notes of subtle berry fruit and bright citrus blossom. Contains both green fruit and ripe fruit notes – a bitter, fruity center with a ton of pungency.

        *Biophenols: 866 ppm!               FFA:  0.22           Oleic Acid: 66.9                         Peroxide: 7.8

         DAGs: 90                                  *PPP: 1.2                        

            *As measured at the time of crush


Country of origin: TUNISIA

*Our single estate olive oils are available shortly after harvest and are of the highest quality EVOO available.  These oils have a shelf life of a minimum of 14 months before losing their ultra premium status and work well even for high temperature cooking.  Due to their high antioxidant levels, they have been touted as a wellness product as well.