V-Day Idea: Creating a Romantic Picnic Under the "Stars"

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Sure, you can go ahead with the usual flowers, dinner out and a movie, but wouldn’t it be more exciting to come up with a romantic rendezvous that doesn’t even require leaving the house? We talked to the dating experts over at Dating Divas and asked them for some of their best (food related) ideas for a perfect romantic evening in. They had some unique and creative ideas that are sure to bring you and your significant other closer together. A few of our favorites include Sexy Room Service, Passport to Love, and Build A Fort (indoor camping).

We thought it might be fun to take one of their suggestions and put our own little spin on things to show you how our products can help you get into the mood and have a delicious and romantic evening at home.

Image courtesy of The Dating Divas

Image courtesy of The Dating Divas

Picnic Under the Stars

This idea can be done in your living room on a cold night or on the back patio during warmer months. You can choose any foods that you love, but we believe that nothing says romantic evening like a charcuterie board and wine.

First, the shopping list:

  1. A variety of cheese and meats. Go for texture and flavor here. Cheeses: One creamy, one sharp, one smoked, one mild. Meats: shaved ham/prosciutto, salami, smoked salmon/cocktail shrimp, cold cuts

  2. Bread and crackers. A great French baguette with a couple of different styles of crackers is perfect here. No more than 3 choices usually works best.

  3. Nika’s Olive oil and vinegar. For a traditional bread dipping experience, try either one of ultra premium olive oils or Tuscan herb olive oil paired with our 18 year traditional balsamic. (Other great pairing include: garlic olive oil with Neapolitan herb balsamic, raspberry balsamic with lemon olive oil, serrano honey vinegar with Baklouti green chili olive oil)

  4. A variety of olives, nuts, and dried fruit.

  5. For dessert: A variety of fresh fruit, pound cake, and chocolate truffles. Tip: Our dark chocolate vinegar is delicious drizzled over cakes and fresh fruit

  6. Wine: Drink what you love. The beauty of charcuterie boards is that you can pair them with just about any wine or champagne.

Let’s set the stage:

  1. Place a large blanket out on the floor (in front of the fire perhaps).

  2. Light candles or set up twinkle lights around the room for ambiance.

  3. Music. Go romantic or play nature sounds to create an intimate mood.

  4. Create a picnic basket filled with all your amazing goodies and create the charcuterie board together, or pre-make the board and set everything out on the blanket. Personally, we love doing things together. It’s part of the adventure!

Here is some picnic and board inspiration we found on Pinterest to help you:

What we love most about this idea is that you could recreate it so many ways. An intimate night for two or a backyard dinner party idea. You can even create themes such as Picnic in Paris, Woodland retreat, or Tuscan evening al Fresco.